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My name is Ori Shavit.

I've done all sorts of things in my life, and if one insists on finding a connection between them, I'd say "words" and "media”.

A few years ago I found a new great love: food.

I studied professional cooking and baking at the "Bishulim" school, did a short internship at "Mul Yam" and worked as a Sous-chef for a private catering company. But soon enough I realized that I’m not going to become a professional chef, and went back to words.

I started working at "Al Hashulchan" ("On the Table"), the most popular food magazine in Israel, as an online content manager and editor. Later on I edited "Chefs" website, a place for real pros, and sometimes wrote for the print and online edition as well. After a short break (for doing something completely different) I returned to "On the Table", this time as a writer.

For nearly four years I have edited, written and photographed and held the desired position of a food critique. It's safe to say I have eaten at an infinite amount of places in Israel as well as around the world (but hey, I've paid for most of it, ask my banker).

My life was all about passion for food, photographing it, learning how it was prepared and where it comes from and generally, the entire food culture. During that time, I eagerly ate almost any kind of animal on this planet.

The revolution that happened in my life is the reason why I started this blog.

Something I must have always felt deep inside ("I am vegetarian in my heart" was my famous joke) came out in as an immense surge and took control of my plate. From a hedonist eater I turned into a vegan.

If you want to, you can watch the video that changed my life right here.

I decided not to resist, but let this new adventure swipe me off my feet and take me to a new place.

To view this fascinating process with the same journalistic eagerness that resides in me and wakes my appetite for anything food related. To study and learn about it, give in to the challenges and hold on to the compassion it makes me grow inside my heart. And most importantly – keep enjoying every minute of it.

No way you’ll find me eating nothing but sprouts and dry spelt crackers. I am not willing to give up my great love for good food, the kind that arouses you, looks fantastic and fills up not just your belly, but your heart as well. Preferably served with a stiff drink.

Now that my story is more or less clear, com’on, let’s eat!

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9 תגובות לפוסט

  1. Carol Wexler הגיב:

    Dear Ori
    You are doing a great service for all of us vegans here in israel who like to go out to restaurants and have a good time.
    So far I hsve not been impressed by the vriety of vegan choices in the good restaurnts.. Raphael hs one appetizer and one main. for instance.
    So I stick to aba gil , betacaffe, and beit thailandi.I will keep watching your recommendations.
    Thanks a lot.

    Carol Wexler

    • אורי הגיב:

      Hi Carol, many thanks! happy to have you here 😆

      • eyal הגיב:

        Hi, have been coming to Israel to visit my family and friends who, for 12 years in which I have been a vegan, have thought I was suffering from PTSD or some other terrible illness. It's changing ever so slowly thanks to people like you Keep it up. If any of you ever stop in Parma, Italy, have lunch at Apriti Sesamo, one of the first and THE best vegan restaurant in Italy. Say Ben sent you, they'll treat you even better. Salute !

  2. domain הגיב:

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.
    Thank you for supplying these details.

  3. yaelle kesten הגיב:

    אורי שלום ,
    אני מבשלת לעיתים על פי מירשמים שלך . הם טובים. ב" מטבח הטבעוני שלי "יש לנו קדרה מיכסיקנית עמוד 88. ואני תמהה איך אפשר לבשל 500 גרם עדשים ירוקות עם רק 2 כוסו מים. מה גם שלא השרנו אותם ואת מדברת על בישול קצר ?אשמח לתשובה מהירה אני עומדת לבשל היום…בתודה ובברכה,
    יעל קסטן

    • אורי שביט הגיב:

      היי יעל, כשאת מציגה את זה ככה זה באמת נשמע מוזר אבל המתכון נבדק ונמדד היטב, זה אמור לגמרי לעבוד. כמובן שאם המים נגמרים והעדשים עוד לא מתרככות, בהחלט ניתן להוסיף נוזלים. הרעיון שייצא תבשיל יבש ולא מרק.

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