The Israeli Vegan Dining Guide: Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the Jerusalem Area

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Here is a list of restaurants and cafes in the Jerusalem area, which serve vegan dishes and offer friendly and attentive service to vegans.

Click here for the full list of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Israel

mini The Vegan Shawarma
Hillel 23, Jerusalem

A vegan fast food chain, serving shawarma, burgers, schnitzel, pizza and more. Perfect for a quick lunch!

Bishulim BeTa'am shel Pa'am
HaHavatzelet 2. Jerusalem, 02-6243742

Homestyle Iraqi and Kurdish food. Vegan options include couscous and rice and beans.

Cafe Nachla
Nissim Bachar 23, Jerusalem 02-5000652

A lovely cafe-restaurant in the Nachla'ot neighborhood, offering a variety of vegan dishes, including vegan breakfast.

Metudela 1, Jerusalem, 02-6505024

This cafe serves eggless pasta and two excellent tofu dishes.

Ha'Agas 1
Eliyahu Ya'akov Banai 11, Jerusalem, 054-3133442

A vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the thriving Machane Yehuda market. The place offers a variety of Israeli homestyle vegan dishes, including couscous, kubbeh, stuffed vegetables and salads.

Hebrew University Campus, Giv'at Ram, Jerusalem

A health-oriented vegetarian restaurant, serving a variety of vegan options which are clearly marked on the menu.

Hillel 5, Jerusalem, 077-4110224

This Jerusalem tea house offers a pleasant atmosphere, a huge variety of teas and a menu with several vegan options, including tofu skewers, stir-fried dishes and desserts.

Coresh 4, Jerusalem, 057-9438555

At this vegetarian soup bar you can usually find at least a couple of vegan soups on the daily menu.

HaEshkol 4, Jerusalem, 053-8094646

A vegetarian Indian restaurant, specializing in dishes made of fresh, local produce, with no processed or preserved ingredients. Vegan options are available.

Mount Scopus Campus, Jerusalem

A pizza place at the Hebrew University campus, where you can order your pizza with a vegan cheese substitute. Also available are vegan foccacias, toasted sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Bezalel 7, Jerusalem, 077-7008510

This established Jerusalem cafe now offers a "vegan corner" on the menu with several options, including pasta "bolognaise", vegan burgers and shawarma soups and salads. For dessert, you can order pecan pie and halva cookies.

Old Katamon Cafe
HaShayarot 20, Jerusalem, 02-5799556

This special cafe resides in a 100-year-old conserved building. The place is vegan-friendly and serves a variety of vegan dishes.

Shraga Cafe
Yanai 3, Jerusalem, 077-9529952

This cafe offers several vegan dishes, including a veggie burger, vegan kubbeh and a colorful vegan sandwich.

Sushi Rechavya
Four branches in Jerusalem, 02-5671791

Kosher Asian kitchen. Many dishes are vegan or can be veganized.

Emil Bote 12, Jerusalem, 02-6251967

This renowned vegetarian restaurant is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Yemin Moshe. Vegan options include tofu skewers, grilled tofu, mejadara, baba ganoush and a daily vegan special.

The Eucalyptus
Hativat Yerushalayim 14, Jerusalem, 02-6244331

This chef's restaurant offers several vegan dishes, based on local and seasonal ingredients.

Village Green
Two branches in Jerusalem, 02-6253065

This Jerusalem chain specializes in health-oriented vegetarian food. The staff is friendly and most dishes are clearly marked vegan.

Zamora Organic
Yad Harutzim 5, Talpiyot, Jerusalem, 02-6730008

A homestyle health-oriented restaurant outside an organic supermarket. Most of the menu is vegan – including salads, soups, casseroles and more.


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