The Israeli Vegan Dining Guide: Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Tel Aviv and the Center

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מסעדות טבעוניות תל אביבHere is a list of restaurants and cafes in the Tel Aviv area, which serve vegan dishes and offer friendly and attentive service to vegans.

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100% Vegan Restaurants

mini Abba Gil
Yehuda Halevi 55 Tel Aviv, 03-5663320

A quaint little vegan organic restaurant, serving home-cooked, healthy meals, fresh juices and hummus. It's a nice little hippie place to have lunch.


Frishman 54, Tel Aviv, 052-4412884

An all-vegan cafe with a fantastic sunny balcony. Serving breakfast, appetizers, entrees, desserts and more. You can also find gluten-free and raw dishes on the menu.

Buddha Burgers
Two branches in Tel Aviv and one in Haifa
Main Tel Aviv branch: Yehuda Halevi 21, 03-5101222/333
Haifa branch: Derech HaYam 6, Haifa

A vegan self-service fast food chain. Casual atmosphere and a very diverse menu, from burgers and hot dogs to Italian- and Indian-style dishes.

mini HaChatul HaYarok
"The Green Cat") Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, 073-7327361

Israel's first 100% vegan pizzeria! Serving pizza with homemade cashew mozzarella and a variety of toppings.

Green Shack
HaRav Yedidya Frankel 6, Tel Aviv

A vegan restaurant-bar in the Florentine neighborhood, serving vegan shawarma, schnitzel, burgers, salads, desserts and more.

mini Ludens
HaMasger 1, Ra'anana,  09-7404002

Another vegan restaurant from the Buddha Burgers family, with a similar menu.

mini Nanuchka
Lillenblum 30, Tel Aviv, 03-5162254

Nana Shrier's famous Georgian restaurant has turned all-vegan! Here you will find a fantastic selection of Georgia-inspired vegan dishes in a fun and lively atmosphere.

mini Shake It
King George 42, Tel Aviv

An all-vegan shake bar.

Teva Col
HaRoeh 20, Ramat Gan, 03-6736876

A small vegan restaurant inside a health food store, where you can order several types of hummus, vegan burgers and shawarma, salads and desserts.

The Bar-Kayma
HaMashbir 22 Tel Aviv, 03-9493322

A brand new co-op has become the stronghold of many young social justice activists. The restaurant and bar are completely vegan and rumor has it that they make some excellent truffles.

mini The Vegan Shawarma
King George 81, Tel Aviv, 1-700-700358
Yitzchak Avinu 5, Be'er Sheva
Hillel 23, Jerusalem

A vegan fast food chain, serving shawarma, burgers, schnitzel, pizza and more. Perfect for a quick lunch!

Ta'am Hachaim ("Taste of Life")
Ben Yehuda 43, Tel Aviv, 03-5168906

One of the first vegan restaurants in Israel, run by the Dimona Hebrews community.

mini Tenat
Tchelnov 27, Tel Aviv

A small Ethiopian restaurant, serving traditional dishes.

Sderot Washington 32, Tel Aviv, 03-2225576

A small neighborhood restaurant, serving a variety of 100% vegan dishes to eat in or take home.

mini Zakaim
Beit HaShoeva 20, Tel Aviv 03-6135060

A new boutique restaurant, serving unique veggie dishes in a fun atmosphere.

Vegan-Friendly Places

24 Rupee
Schocken 16, Tel Aviv, 03-6818066

A casual-style Indian vegetarian restaurant. Almost all dishes are vegan.

Yehuda HaMacabi 53, Tel Aviv, 03-5609676
Sderot Yehudit 20, Tel Aviv

At these Italian restaurants you can order vegan pizza with a cheese substitute, along with pastas, soups and salads. Gluten-free options are also available.

Ben Yehuda 226, Tel Aviv, 03-6050896

A mediterranean-style bistro, offering a separate vegan menu, featuring dishes created by chef Avi Bitton.

HaGdud HaIvri 8, Tel Aviv, 054-4280691

This neighborhood cafe boasts an alternative atmosphere. The menu is small, but most items can be veganized. You can also find a variety of vegan desserts here – don't miss the chocolate fudge cake!

Rothschild 60, Tel Aviv, 03-5665655

This Italian restaurant offers a separate vegan menu with a variety of dishes.

A Levantine-Middle Eastern style chef's restaurant in Tel Aviv. The place offers a separate vegan menu, including starters such as red lentil soup with grilled eggplant, grilled beets and more. Among the main dishes, you can find pasta dishes, bourekas, stir-fries and stuffed vegetables.

Beta Cafe
Brodetzki 17, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 057-9443009 Tzahal 71, Tel Aviv, 057-9443414

At these pleasant cafes you can find several vegan dishes, including salads, sandwiches, pasta and more.

Bar Kochva 8, Petch Tikva, 050-4245813

An Ethiopian restaurant, offering a vegan injera dish.

Lev Reut Shopping Center, Reut, 057-9442158

This cafe offers a separate vegan menu, including a veggie burger, pasta and other special dishes.

Ibn Gavirol 70, Tel Aviv, 03-6967111

A popular French restaurant in the heart of the city, offering three vegan items on the menu: steamed vegetables with soy and yuzu, cauliflower au poivre and a portobello mushroom steak.

Cafe Alma
Shivtei Israel 14, Jaffa

In this cafe you can find several vegan dishes, clearly marked on the menu – including vegan shawarma, breakfast, sandwiches and pastas.

Cafe Barnash
Bugrashov 87, Tel Aviv, 03-6203747

A pleasant cafe in the heart of Tel Aviv. Vegan dishes are marked on the menu.

Cafe Be'Alma
Yitzchak Rabin 17, Petach-Tikva, 03-9040727

A vegan-friendly cafe.

mini Cafe Birenbaum
Nahalat Binyamin 31, Tel Aviv

A vegetarian family-style restaurant, offering an all-you-can-eat buffet, usually 90% vegan. The variety of dishes is vast, fresh, impressive and extremely delicious. Open only for lunch. The best time is between 12:30-14:00. On Fridays the place is packed, so try getting there at around noon to make sure there's food left!

Cafe Clementine
Ben Gurion 75, Tel Aviv, 03-5233194

An urban-rustic cafe, located in a conserved building with a lovely garden. There are several vegan dishes on the menu, such as an artichoke focaccia, lentil stew, shakshouka, salads and more.

Cafe Gan Sipur
Mote Gur 15, Holon, 03-5011596

A cafe in the heart of Holon's "Story Garden". You can find several vegan dishes on the menu.

Cafe Italia
Kremintzki 6, Tel Aviv, 03-5612888

This spacious restaurant offers great vegan options for both lunch specials and dinner. They also offer minestrone soup and more. Don't forget to request the egg-free pasta. It's a great place for a lunch meeting or a family dinner.

Cafe Noah
Ehad Ha'am 93, Tel Aviv, 03-6293799

A neighborhood cafe that offers several vegan dishes on the menu, including sandwiches, salads, a couple of main dishes and cookies.

Cafe Nini
Yehuda HaLevi 109, Tel Aviv, 03-6128103

In this Tel Avivian restaurant-cafe, a large part of the menu is vegan – including breakfast, mazettes, salads, sandwiches and main dishes.

Cafe Pizzaron
Sderot HaHascala 1, Bitzaron, Tel Aviv, 03-6034933

This neighborhood cafe offers a variety of vegan dishes.

Cafe Sheleg
Geula 44, Tel Aviv, 03-5101710

On the menu of this Tel-Avivian cafe there are several dishes that can be veganized. The daily specials are often vegan as well.

Cafe Shneor
Pinsker 20, Tel Aviv, 03-6296519

A cute Tel-Avivian cafe, offering several vegan dishes on the menu.

Cafe Xoho
Mapu 18, Tel Aviv, 072-2495497

This colorful cafe serves a variety of vegan dishes including salads, sandwiches, a daily grain bowl and more.

Cafe Yaffo
Olei Zion 11, Jaffa, 03-5181988

A kosher Italian restaurant with influences from the Israeli kitchen, serving a variety of vegan dishes – including salads, soups, pasta and other main dishes.

Ben Yehuda 230, Tel Aviv, 03-5445558

An Italian Trattoria-cafe. The place offers vegan pastas, pizza, salad with polenta and other dishes that can be veganized with the help of the friendly staff.

Casino San Remo
Nechama 2, Tel Aviv, 03-5042003

A trendy restaurant, offering a variety of vegan dishes on the daily menu.

Château Shual
Malkei Israel 19, Tel Aviv, 077-4823096

Another casual and charming wine bar, with many "accidentally vegan" dishes, such as chickpeas with cilantro, mushrooms with lemon sauce, fresh vegetable sticks and soy milk for your coffee.

HaChalutzim 41, Tel Aviv 050-7416217

At this small sandwich bar in Tel Aviv's Florentine district, you can order a vegan sandwich (not on the official menu).

Dim Sum 33
Mizrahi 33, Tel Aviv 054-2019792

A small dim-sum place, owned and operated by nineties rock star Rafi Perski. You can find several types of vegan dim-sum on the menu, and even a vegan tapioca desert.

Dizi Cafe
Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv, 03-6294559

This vegetarian cafe offers a variety of vegan dishes (marked on the menu) – including a tofu schnitzel, a chickpea-chard stew and lentil-coconut curry, alongside vegan soups, salads and even a nice vegan breakfast.

HaChashmona'im 91, Tel Aviv, 03-5465295
King George 77, Tel Aviv
Herzl 10, Tel Aviv

A chain of American-style Tex-Mex restaurants. All dishes can be ordered with a soy-protein-based meat substitute, with a variety of vegan toppings.

Ben Yehuda 7, Tel Aviv, 054-7095555

An authentic dim sum place, offering a separate vegan menu.

Go Noodles
Ibn Gavirol 54, Tel Aviv, 03-6964040

An Asian restaurant and sushi bar, featuring a variety of noodle dishes which can all be veganized.

Yehuda HaLevi 55, Tel Aviv, 03-5049216

A sandwich bar and cafe, offering a few vegan sandwiches and salads on the menu.

Nachmani 16 and Tchernichovsky 27, Tel Aviv, 077-3400950

These cute little cafes offer yummy vegan sandwiches.

Hagit Confectionery-Cafe
HaArazim 1, Giv'at Shmuel, 03-5324197

A rustic cafe and confectionery near the Bar-Ilan University, offering a variety of vegan dishes and baked goods.

Rabbi Akiva 18, Tel Aviv, 03-5163689

A homestyle restaurant near the popular Carmel market. You can find a variety of vegan dishes on the menu, including roasted eggplant, couscous, salads, soups and more.

mini Hanoi
Lilinblum 18, Tel Aviv, 03-5337962

A successful Vietnamese restaurant. Several vegetarian dishes are marked on the menu, and most are vegan or can be veganized.

Meir Guttman 20, Petach Tikva, 03-9347184

A Yemenite restaurant which serves a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

HaSushia – Petach Tikva Branch
Yael Rom 8, Petach Tikva, *9969

This branch of the popular sushi chain offers a separate vegan menu with a variety of sushi and other dishes.

She'erit Israel 4, Jaffa, 03-7444332

A small chef's restaurant, serving several vegan dishes.

Nachalat Binyamin 50, Tel Aviv, 052-8460550

A Vietnamese food stand where you can order several vegan dishes, such as spring rolls and pho soup.

mini Kaymak
Levinski 49, Tel Aviv, 03-5185228

A vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the lively Levinski Market. Most main dishes are vegan.

Knafeh Noga
Ruchama 8, Jaffa 03-5252818

At this cafe you can sample Knafeh, a Levantine sweet pastry, traditionally made with cheese. Knafeh Noga's delicious vegan version is made with coconut cream.

Vital 7, Tel Aviv, 050-5329575

A bar in the Florentine neighborhood, serving a variety of vegan dishes.

Four branches in Tel Aviv

In this chain of friendly cafes you can get organic coffee with vegan (or veganizable) sandwiches. There are also some vegan salads and other dishes – just make sure the bread is eggless and the sauces and dressings are honey-free.

Zamenhoff 26, Tel Aviv, 03-5323654

A pleasant, quiet restaurant in the city's center. You can find a variety of vegan dishes on the Italian-Mediterranean menu, including salads, pastas, sandwiches and desserts.

Herzl 87, Ramla, 08-9223534

A vegetarian Indian restaurant, offering a variety of vegan items, including soups, rice dishes and legume stews.

Mama Italia
Ibn Gavirol 33, Tel Aviv 03-5753737

This pizzeria serves and delivers excellent pizza with a vegan cheese substitute and a variety of toppings.

Mana Mana
Yehuda HaMacabee 64, Tel Aviv, 057-7737777

At this Israeli-style restaurant you can find vegan couscous, lentil soup, rice and beans, and of course, hummus and pita bread.

King George 31, Tel Aviv, 03-7445550

This homestyle Israeli bistro serves a few vegan dishes.

mini Meshek Barzilay
Echad Ha'Am 6, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, 03-5166329

This well-known rural restaurant has moved from the village to the big city. The place is vegetarian and organic, and you can find many vegan dishes on the menu.

mini Mezze
Echad Ha'Am 51, Tel Aviv, 03-6299753

At this lovely vegetarian restaurant, you can sit outside and order from a diverse menu – almost all dishes are either vegan or veganizable. Don't miss the vegan breakfast, which features a wonderful chickpea omelet.

Nelly's Kitchen
Marguza 28, Jaffa, 03-6833759

A fun restaurant-cafe, serving vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Nini Hachi
Ben Yehuda 228, Tel Aviv, 053-8093598

A kosher Asian restaurant and sushi bar, offering a variety of vegan dishes.

Noa Bistro
HaTzorfim 14, Jaffa, 03-5184668

This chef's restaurant serves a Mediterranean menu with French influences. A variety of vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu.

mini Onami
HaArba'a 18 Tel Aviv, 03-5621172

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Israel. You can find vegan sushi here, alongside other Japanese specialties – such as stir-fried tofu with green vegetables and even agadashi tofu, minus the fish sauce. Always let the staff know you are vegan, since they are well aware of what that means and will be happy to suggest dishes. A perfect place for a date.

mini Orna & Ella
Shenkin 33, Tel Aviv, 03-6204753

A well-established Tel Avivian restaurant with a health-oriented menu. Vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu and daily specials often include vegan dishes as well (such as grilled tofu with vegetables). The really cool thing is that they have vegan breakfasts, which are highly recommended, especially the scrambled tofu. A family place with attitude.

mini Ouzeria
Matalon 44, Tel Aviv, 03-5330899

A cheerful mediterranean-style restaurant, where the friendly staff will be happy to tell you what's vegan – usually 2 or 3 dishes on the daily menu.

mini Pappa's
Hillel HaZaken 12, Tel Aviv, 03-5107373

This classic Italian Trattoria offers a separate vegan menu, including pastas, pizzas, salads and more.

Dizengoff 99, Tel Aviv, 03-5274488

An Italian restaurant offering a separate "health menu", which includes several vegan dishes.

Pizza Bordo
Yakinton 6, Ness Tziona, 1-700-706051

A pizzeria which serves vegan pizza with a cheese substitute.

Pizza Franchesca
HaNasi 57, Kiryat Ono, 1-700-700-140

Here you can find vegan pizza with a cheese substitute, along with other vegan dishes such as calzones, salads and more.

Pizza Rozmarin
Lincoln 19, Tel Aviv, 03-5400241

This vegan-friendly pizzeria serves pizza with a cheese substitute and also vegan calzones and salads. You can eat there or order in.

mini Pronto
Herzl 4, Tel Aviv, 03-5660915

A fancy Italian restaurant. Although there are no permanent vegan dishes on the menu, if you call in advance they are very likely to arrange something for you. On Monday nights, the place offers an impressive menu of vegan starters and main courses.

mini Pu'a
Rabbi Yochanan 8, Flea Market, Jaffa, 03-6823821

This established and eclectic cafe boasts a vegan-friendly staff and menu. You can order several salads, the "Sabich" breakfast (minus the egg), and a few main dishes.

Katzanelson 147, Giv'ataim, 03-6705080

This cute little restaurant offers a separate vegan menu, featuring a wide variety of vegan quiches. You can also order vegan breakfasts, salads and sandwiches.

Mitcham HaTachana, Tel Aviv, 03-7367474

A kosher restaurant serving jewish-style food. you can find several vegan dishes on the menu.

Salam Bombey
Allenby 124, Tel Aviv, 052-4846786

A casual Indian restaurant, open for lunch with a variety of vegan dishes.

Salvador Cafe
Yedidya Frankel 18, Tel Aviv, 03-6313443

A vegetarian organic cafe, offering many vegan dishes such as pancakes, burgers, pastas, shakshouka and desserts.

mini Sandwich
Nahalat Binyamin 59 (on the corner of Echad Ha'Am), Tel Aviv, 03-5498082

This chef's sandwich bar offers a daily special vegan sandwich: a delicious meal between two slices of the best quality bread.

mini Sardinia Kikar Kdumim 8, Jaffa, 03-6832211

A lovely Italian Trattoria, located in beautiful old Jaffa. The talented chef offers several vegan dishes, including fresh pasta with no eggs and a special porcini mushroom pizza.

Yehuda HaLevi 56, Tel Aviv, 03-5642914

This casual soup bar and Italian eatery offers a separate vegan menu.

Sugar Cafe
Ibn Gavirol 8, Tel Aviv, 074-7024068

At this quiet cafe in the midst of the busy city, you can find a variety of vegan dishes clearly marked on the menu – such as a vegan burger, tofu coconut curry, salads, sandwiches and more.

Susha Herzl 12, Tel Aviv / Rothschild 77, Rishon LeTziyon, 1-700-551020

This urban sushi bar has recently launched a new vegan menu, which includes appetizers, sushi and wok dishes.

Sushi-bar Basel
Frishman 20, Tel Aviv, 03-5460575

Here you can find vegan sushi, noodle dishes, yakitori and more, on an all-new and separate vegan menu.

Rothschild 83, Rishon Le'Tziyon, 03-5015511

A small Asian restaurant which serves a variety of vegan dishes, including salads, soups, dumplings and desserts.

mini Thai House
Bugrashov 8, Tel Aviv, 03-5178568

The best Thai place in Israel offers a separate vegetarian and vegan menu. The staff is very helpful, but you should always make sure the dish you want has no fish or clam sauce. A great place to celebrate a special occasion with the family.

The Chinese Wall ("HaChoma HaSinit")
Mikve Yisrael 26, Tel Aviv, 03-5603974

Owned by an Israeli Chinese family, this little restaurant offers many vegan dishes. All meat dishes on the menu can be ordered with tofu instead, and you can also find vegan eggrolls, dim-sum, soups and more. The homemade noodles are vegan as well.

The Streets
King George 70, Tel Aviv, 03-6201070 Ashtori HaFarchi 20, Tel Aviv, 03-5441818 Ibn Gavirol 114, Tel Aviv, 03-5281616

This Tel-Avivian cafe chain offers a variety of vegan dishes, clearly marked on the menu. The King George and Ibn Gavirol branches are open 24/7.

Tola'at Sfarim ("Bookworm")
Maz'e 7 / Rabin Square 9, Tel Aviv, 03-5298499

This cafe and bookstore serves several vegan dishes, including a lovely breakfast, salads and even vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Rothschild 15, Tel Aviv, 03-6337171

A contemporary Vietnamese restaurant. Vegetarian dishes are marked on the menu, and most are vegan or can be veganized.

Xing Long
Salame 134, Tel Aviv,  03-5375184

The little Chinese place next to the old central bus station is run by a Chinese family and offers authentic Chinese food. The staff is friendly and there are many vegan options, mainly based on eggplants or tofu. Some of the soups can be veganized and you can order the fried rice can be made without the eggs. Check out their backyard – it's wonderful to sit there on nice, warm nights.

mini Yahaloma Bistro
Zevulun 5, Tel Aviv

A small and rustic little bistro in the Florentine district, offering daily vegan dishes. The place is open daily for lunch, and for dinner – with an almost all-vegan selection of  dishes – on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

mini Zepra
Yigal Alon 96, Tel Aviv, 03-6240044 (line 3)

This sophisticated Asian chef's restaurant offers excellent dishes: Buddha salad in apple vinaigrette, Bangladesh curry with pumpkin and tofu, vegetable wontons and rice noodles with vegetables. It's always best to remind the staff that you are vegan and to call in advance. The frozen shakes go great with the meals, too.

Levontin 13, Tel Aviv, 054-5494910

A neighborhood snack bar, offering a variety of vegan dishes, all served in of over pita bread.

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