The Israeli Vegan Dining Guide: Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Be'er Sheva and the South

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Here is a list of restaurants and cafes in Be'er Sheva and the South, which serve vegan dishes and offer friendly and attentive service to vegans.

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Click here for the full list of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Israel

Buddha Burgers Eilat
HaMelicha, Eilat, 08-6374185

A vegan self-service fast food chain. Casual atmosphere and a very diverse menu, from burgers and hot dogs to Italian- and Indian-style dishes.

mini The Vegan Shawarma
Yitchak Avinu 5, Be'er Sheva

A vegan fast food chain, serving shawarma, burgers, schnitzel, pizza and more. Perfect for a quick lunch!

Cafe Optimi
Pninat Eilat Center, Eilat, 08-6376510

A cafe on Eilat's boardwalk, offering a separate vegan menu. Here you can find vegan breakfasts, as well as various started and main dishes throughout the day.

mini HaKdera shel Savta ("Grandma's Pot")
Moshav Tzafririm, 02-9921875

A fixed-price menu (90 shekels per diner), open Saturdays only. Calling in advance and mentioning you're vegan is a must. The kitchen is local Arabic, and different dishes are served each week, such as fried cauliflower, eggplant-tahini salad or bulgur with artichokes and mushrooms.

Little India
Ringleblum 15, Be'er Sheva, 08-6489801

An authentic Indian restaurant in Be'er Sheva, offering several vegan dishes, including samosa, rice dishes and vegetable and legume stews.

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