The Israeli Vegan Dining Guide: Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Haifa and the North

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Here is a list of restaurants and cafes in Haifa and the North, which serve vegan dishes and offer friendly and attentive service to vegans.

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Buddha Burgers Haifa
Derech HaYam 6, Haifa, 04-6343435

A vegan self-service fast food chain. Casual atmosphere and a very diverse menu, from burgers and hot dogs to Italian- and Indian-style dishes.

Green Burger
Ramat Yishai Street Mall, 04-6343438

An all-vegan diner-style fast food restaurant, serving burgers, wraps, salads, smoothies, desserts and more.

Yuli's Lunch Box
Shivat Zion 34, Haifa, 04-6042044

100% vegan lunches to eat in or take out.

Adela Bistro
Industrial Area, Ramat Ishai, 04-9535358

This bistro offers a separate, health-oriented vegetarian menu which includes several vegan dishes.

Ahava BeTa'am Beiti
Nechilot 2, Neve Shopping Center, Karkur, 04-8668266

A home-style restaurant, offering several vegan dishes to eat in or take out.

Baba Thali
Rabbi Akiva 11, Pardes Hannah, 052-4441368

A vegetarian Indian restaurant. Most dishes are vegan, including a daily thali platter.

Bat Harim
Kadita, 054-5951654

Vegan homestyle cooking, served in the family's home. Call in advance.

Beit Marva
Hannah 13, Haifa, 052-3236877

A vegetarian Indian catering, which is open as a restaurant on Thursday nights. It is recommended to call in advance and mention you're vegan.

Beit Rona
Moshav Kahal, 04-6970149

This Galileilaan restaurant will prepare you a special vegan meal if you call in advance.

Kikar Ben Gurion 1, Kiryat Tiv'on, 057-9441403

This cafe serves several vegan dishes, including soups, stuffed phyllo pastries, grain-based dishes and sorbet for dessert.

Cafe 77
Moshav Amirim, 04-6980984

A bakery, cafe and gallery in the vegetarian settlement of Amirim. Here you can enjoy a vegan breakfast in beautiful surroundings.

Cafe Brioche
Kakal 16, Nahariya, 077-4260520

This cafe serves a variety of vegan dishes, including breakfast, pancakes, main dishes and salads.

Cafe Karkur
HaMeyasdim 54, Karkur, 04-6275451

A health-oriented restaurant cafe, serving a variety of vegan and veganizable dishes, including sandwiches, vegan burgers, lentil stew and desserts. The staff is friendly and attentive.

Moshav Amirim, 057-9414945

A pastoral cafe in the vegetarian village of Amirim. Here you can find vegan pasta dishes, tofu shakshouka, stews and salads.

HaMeyasdim 43, Zichron Ya'akov, 054-4702664

A cafe and juice bar, offering several vegan dishes – including a vegan breakfast, sandwiches, salads and more.

HaMoshav 33, Pardes Hannah, 04-6372040

This Israeli-Italian style restaurant-cafe offers a separate vegan menu with a wide variety of dishes, including pizza, burgers, pastas, breakfast and more.

Moshav Amikam, 04-6252436

A vegan-friendly cafe and confectionery.

Moshav Amirim, 04-6990160

An established vegetarian restaurant, serving homestyle food. there is a fixed-price menu and most dishes are vegan.

Rama-Sajoor Junction, Rama, 04-9888808

An authentic Arabic homestyle kitchen, based on local, seasonal ingredients. There are many vegan dishes on the menu, from the customary hummus and mejadara to more unusual dishes such as pumpkin kubbeh, stuffed zucchini and more.

Falafel Luna
Masada 18, Haifa

This falafel place serves excellent vegan kubbeh!

Ben Gurion 38, Haifa, 057-9441185

An Arabic restaurant, serving a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Balfur 2, Haifa, 050-7343130

A little vegetarian place which becomes a pub in the evenings. At least half of the menu is vegan and the staff is friendly.

HaMitbach HaItalki (The Italian Kitchen)
HaAmakim 12, Kiryat Bialik, 04-8404062

This Italian Place offers pizza with a vegan cheese substitute and vegan pasta dishes.

Kibbutz Harduf, 057-9442262

At this romantic, organic vegetarian restaurant the vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu.

HaSabich shel Sachbak
HaGa'aton 20, Nahariya, 04-6265703

Here you can get Sabich, the traditional Iraqi sandwich, served with a veggie pattie instead of an egg. There are also several other vegan dishes on the menu.

Inside Out Sushi
Masada 19, Haifa, 053-7101144

A small and intimate sushi bar in Haifa, offering a variety of vegan sushi fillings and vegan miso soup.

Jacob's Larder
Moshav Aviel, 04-6181839

A pastoral organic restaurant which serves a vegan beanburger, salads and other specials. Vegan desserts are also available.

Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv, 052-8313202

At this vegetarian eatery, most dishes are vegan. Prices are surprisingly low and the service is warm and friendly.

HaMeginim 37, Haifa, 077-4450718

A restaurant-pub with live music, serving a vegetarian menu which includes a variety of vegan dishes.

HaMeyasdim 49, Zichron Ya'akov, 057-9443793

At this cute little homestyle Italian place, you can get fresh vegan pasta (be sure to request pasta with no eggs) with a variety of sauces.

Minna Tomei
Fliman 8, Haifa, 04-6668080

An Asian restaurant at the Castra Center. Several vegan options are available, including sushi and gyoza. All chicken dishes can be ordered with tofu instead.

Masada 16, Haifa, 076-5411582

A vegetarian eatery and cafe with weekly movie screenings. You can find vegan options on the daily menu.

Rothschild Shopping Center, Caesarea, 077-2060970

An Asian-style bistro, offering several vegan dishes on the menu.

Nola Socks
Shalom Aleichem 4, Haifa, 077-7929159

At this restaurant and pub you can find vegan burgers, shawarma, salads and desserts.

Haifa Technion

A vegetarian Indian restaurant. Vegan dishes are always available.

Olio Pizza
HaGalil 20, Pardes Hannah, 04-8578299

This pizzeria offers vegan pizzas with a cheese substitute, as well as vegan pastas and salads.

Pasta Market
Shalom Aleichem 1, Haifa

A new Italian restaurant, offering several different vegan pasta dishes.

HaSarig 2, Binyamina,  054-9479998

An Italian pasta bar, offering fresh vegan pasta with a variety of sauces.

Pizza Amaretti
HaPalmach 25, Haifa, 053-8093186

Here you can find vegan pizza, alongside several other vegan dishes, marked on the menu.

Pizza Fada'el
Ben Gurion 1, Kiryat Tivon, 04-9830808

This pizzeria offers vegan pizza, pasta and malawach.

Pizza Monster
HaAmakim 12, Haifa, 04-8404062

This pizzeria offers vegan pizzas with a cheese substitute.

Pizza Niro
Gan Hatzafon, Ma'ayan Baruch Junction, Upper Galilee, 1-700-555-103

A homestyle pizzeria, offering vegan pizzas, pastas and salads.

Moshav Amirim, 052-5784113/4

A small Indian restaurant in the vegetarian village of Amirim. You can order a full meal or a thali platter, both of which include a variety of dishes. Most of the dishes are vegan – don't forget to ask.

HaTnufa 7, Tirat HaCarmel, 074-7033763

A simple, health-oriented restaurant, open for lunch Sunday through Thursday. The menu changes daily, and always includes vegan options.

Moshav Amirim, 04-6980946

A vegetarian restaurant with vegan dishes on the menu.

Achuza 43, Karkur, 04-6273535

This friendly, rustic restaurant serves several vegan dishes, including stuffed peppers and kubbeh soup.

The House at Ein Chod
Ein Chod, 04-8397350

An authentic Arabic restaurant, serving a variety of vegan dishes.

The Italian Kitchen
Ha'Amakim 12, Kiryat Bialik, 04-8404062

This Italian restaurant serves pizzas with a vegan cheese substitute, pastas and salads. Vegan items are marked on the menu.

Zebra Bar
Masada 14, Haifa, 077-3212290

An art house with live performances, exhibitions and a restaurant and bar. You can find two different vegan burgers on the menu.

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