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Where to eat Vegan in Israel – A Restaurant Guide edited by Ori Shavit

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Orna & Ella Restaurant in Tel Aviv. Super-friendly!

Something good is happening in the land of The Seven Species. During the past couple of years, many new vegan options for dining have popped up, as the growing awareness to the vegan lifestyle is creating demand for a fresh, delicious and exciting new vegan food places.

The "Vegans On Top" restaurant guide is a complete and up-to-date vegan and vegan-friendly dining guide for compassionate dining in Israel.

Besides falafel stands and hummus places (and eggless "Sabich" – an eggplant and potato sandwich), there are not many 100% vegan places in Israel. However, many places have some vegan dishes or are willing to accommodate vegans. This is an initial list.

100% Vegan Restaurants

mini Abba Gil Yehuda Halevi 55 Tel Aviv, 03-5663320

A quaint little vegan organic restaurant, serving home-cooked, healthy meals, fresh juices and hummus. It's a nice little hippie place to have lunch.

Anastasia Frishman 54, Tel Aviv, 052-4412884

An all-vegan cafe with a fantastic sunny balcony. Serving breakfast, appetizers, entrees, desserts and more. You can also find gluten-free and raw dishes on the menu.

Buddha Burgers Two branches in Tel Aviv, one in Haifa and one in Eilat Main Tel Aviv branch: Yehuda Halevi 21, 03-5101222/333 Haifa branch: Derech HaYam 6, Haifa, 04-6343435 Eilat branch: HaMelicha Street,  08-6374185

A vegan self-service fast food chain. Casual atmosphere and a very diverse menu, from burgers and hot dogs to Italian- and Indian-style dishes.

Dubi's Place Massada 16, Haifa, 050-5299303

An all-vegan bar, featuring live music and a variety of vegan meals and snacks.

Green Burger Ramat Yishai Street Mall, 04-6343438

An all-vegan diner-style fast food restaurant, serving burgers, wraps, salads, smoothies, desserts and more.

Green Shack HaRav Yedidya Frankel 6, Tel Aviv

A vegan restaurant-bar in the Florentine neighborhood, serving vegan shawarma, schnitzel, burgers, salads, desserts and more.

mini HaChatul HaYarok
"The Green Cat") Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, 073-7327361

Israel's first 100% vegan pizzeria! Serving pizza with homemade cashew mozzarella and a variety of toppings.

mini Ludens HaMasger 1, Ra'anana,  09-7404002

Another vegan restaurant from the Buddha Burgers family, with a similar menu.

mini Nanuchka
Lillenblum 30, Tel Aviv, 03-5162254

Nana Shrier's famous Georgian restaurant has turned all-vegan! Here you will find a fantastic selection of Georgia-inspired vegan dishes in a fun and lively atmosphere.

mini Shake It King George 42, Tel Aviv

An all-vegan shake bar.

Teva Col HaRoeh 20, Ramat Gan, 03-6736876

A small vegan restaurant inside a health food store, where you can order several types of hummus, vegan burgers and shawarma, salads and desserts.

The Bar-Kayma HaMashbir 22 Tel Aviv, 03-9493322

A brand new co-op has become the stronghold of many young social justice activists. The restaurant and bar are completely vegan and rumor has it that they make some excellent truffles.

mini The Vegan Shawarma King George 81, Tel Aviv, 1-700-700358 Yitzchak Avinu 5, Be'er Sheva Hillel 23, Jerusalem

A vegan fast food chain, serving shawarma, burgers, schnitzel, pizza and more. Perfect for a quick lunch!

Ta'am Hachaim ("Taste of Life")Ben Yehuda 43, Tel Aviv, 03-5168906

One of the first vegan restaurants in Israel, run by the Dimona Hebrews community.

mini Tenat Tchelnov 27, Tel Aviv

A small Ethiopian restaurant, serving traditional dishes.

Washington Sderot Washington 32, Tel Aviv, 03-2225576

A small neighborhood restaurant, serving a variety of 100% vegan dishes to eat in or take home.

mini Zakaim Beit HaShoeva 20, Tel Aviv 03-6135060

A new boutique restaurant, serving unique veggie dishes in a fun atmosphere.


Vegan-Friendly Places

The way I see it, "vegan-friendly" means that from the first phone call, the staff gets what you are talking about when you say "vegan". When they promise you meal options and follow through. I don't mean a cheese-less salad, either. I mean a place where the staff is knowledgeable about veganism and is generally attentive and helpful. It doesn't mean you'll always get everything you wanted, or that the dishes will necessarily be to your liking. It doesn't mean that every dish can be altered or that you can ask for special meals during rush hour. It does mean that you will be taken care of and that the place will try to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, making you feel right at home. Making a reservation and mentioning that you're vegan is always recommended. 

Restaurant Chains

Tel Aviv and the Center

Jerusalem and the Area


Haifa and the North

Be'er Sheva and the South

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  1. מאת מיכל:

    הי אורי!

    רצינו ליידע אותך שלאחרונה קיבלנו "תו תקן" מVegan freindly ישראל- נשמח אם תוסיפי אותנו לרשימה שלנו. (האתר שלנו כרגע בשיפוץ ועדיין לא מופיע בו התפריט החדש)


  2. מאת Zeev:

    I can add restaurants for you (* = all-veg, ** = all-vegan; I'll add vegan-friendly only outside big cities):
    please add a few of yours to happycow.net; happycow has many of the same, but not all, of yours & mine ~~~
    NORTH: Akko/Nehariya ~ Lohamei HaGeta'ot B&B ( perhaps Israel's largest vegfood factory)
    Tiberias ~ Pagoda Chinese
    Qatsrin ~ The Big Restaurant (LEBANESE 04-696-5040), Golani BREWERY+RESTAURANT: menu = http://www.rest.co.il/sites/Default.asp?txtRestID=11461&txtNavID=3&txtItemID=508630
    Nazareth falafel/etc ~ Wisam Jebali, Abu: Ghanem/Sharbani BIG CITY, will be nice if people can add non-falafel places ~ deffo NOT: alTabon/Pinguin…
    Haifa (lower: YanYan chinese), upper ~ Shawatina near Stella Maris, Chin Long
    Herzliya (close to vegan shwarma & approx as veg-friendly as Tandoori) ~ Yakiniku Tenka menu: 2eat.co.il/yakinikutenka/menu.aspx?pid=6497
    falafel/etc CHAIN/GROUP north & east of TLV ~ Falafel Baribua (on the way to airport).
    *Adama.org.il ~ all-veg (but not vegan) B&B (not sure about nearby HaHavit & Hanna's)
    *Kibutz Neot-Smadar.com ~ mockmeats
    (if you don't like Vegan Shwarma: Karas.co.il or Shangaiese)
    CENTER (I won't give "only veg-friendly" in main cities–too many vegan options):
    Abu Ghosh ~ Abu Shukri
    Beit Kerem ~ Frangelico menu: frangelico.mishloha.co.il/online.php?rest_id=4405 $5-6 sushi/"cone"/wakami salad, (kanpyo=pumpkin) $13 maki(V?) or Mushroom+Noodles, egg: Pad Thai/ChiangMai,veg combo sucks?=$12/2-3rolls.
    J'lem ~ **Salon Shabazi @Shalom Shabazi #1 (11:30-24/Fri=10-4)
    SOUTHWEST (Derech'Aza S of Rambam):
    **Mahatma only Thurs + 1st Friday 25NIS CASH ONLY. ~ ginger.org.il @Balfour 8
    *Beijing/*Zigmund (some mockmeats till 2AM 'Aza#29)/Gandhi/Beijing (cooks on separate pans from meat 'Aza#19)/SushiRehavia.co.il
    NORTHWEST: Ethio-Israel (till 1AM except Shabbat), Mona tapas/salads thru 2AM (4-6 & Fri lunch: closed) ~ Shegar(out of business or not?).
    Mandarin (HUGE menu, till midnight)/Thailandi/maybe Shanti (SHABBAT+late-night/when Village Green closed)
    suggested falafel/etc: Yemenite/Maoz, Lina/AbuShukri
    FAR nw: India (Azora/Itchi Gadana) cash, 12:30-9, call ahead 02-623-5204, HaEshkol #4 IN SHUK

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