Sweet Corn Shakshouka

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When I learned how to squeeze fresh corn from the cob and saw the succulent yellow cream oozing from the corn kernels, I couldn't help but think of scrambled eggs. I paired it up with some juicy summer tomatoes ('Tamar' cherry tomatoes are good if you have them) and some scallions, to get a vividly colorful spicy-sweet shakshouka.

Ingredients for 3-4 servings:

6 fresh cobs of corn
3-4 small tomatoes, very ripe and diced into cubes, with juice and seeds
2-3 handfuls of halved cherry tomatoes
6-8 stalks of scallion, diced
1 chili pepper, diced (optional)
Sweet paprika, hot and smoked paprika
Unrefined Atlantic sea salt, freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil

For garnish:
Handful of chopped parsley

+ "Squeeze" the corn cobs: shuck the cobs and remove the fibers (see brief tip below). Hold the corn vertically over a cutting board, and use a sharp knife to slice each row of kernels at its center, from the top and down the entire length. After all rows have been sliced open, reverse the knife and use the blunt side to press the kernel contents out, starting from the top and all the way down towards the board. This way you leave the shells on the cob, but if a few shells do manage to slip in, no harm done. Do this for all cobs, and gather the creamy corn into a bowl. Set aside.

+ Heat some olive oil in a pan and sauté the scallions and chili for 2-3 minutes. Add tomatoes with their juice and seeds, and continue to sauté for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes soften and the liquids accumulate.

+ Season with sweet paprika, hot paprika, and, if you're so inclined – smoked paprika, to add a special kick to the dish. Add salt and pepper to taste.

+ Add the creamy corn to the tomatoes and let it cook for 1-2 more minutes to warm up and absorb the taste.

+ garnish with some chopped parsley, and serve right away.

Shakshouka, which is Berber for "mixture", originated in Tunis, and is a simple and traditional worker's meal made of eggs slow-cooked on a small flame, in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

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