Video recipe: Vegan Shakshouka with Corn Cream

נובמבר 21, 2015 מאת:

It was fall of 2015. I was visiting NYC as part of my lecture tour to the east coast, talking about the vegan revolution in Israel. After my first talk I had the pleasure

Working so hard on the episode of So You're Dating a Vegan

Working so hard on the episode

to meet Duncan, a talented film director, that invited me to participate in his cooking show So You're Dating a Vegan. Of course I said yes!

I had a great pleasure and so much fun with wonderful Liz and Duncan – you can see for yourself as you watch the video of how to make a delicious vegan Shakshouka.

Full recipe is right here – Sweet Corn Shakshouka

For more Israeli vegan recipes

Watch my TEDx talk


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